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Totapuri Mango Pulp

The Fruit

Totapuri Mangoes (Magnifera indica) are oblong with prominent beak in shape and about 6 - 8 inches long. The skin of the fruit is thick and green, yellow or a fanciful combination of these colours, but is inedible. There is a central large seed surrounded by the pulp, which ranges from pale to bright yellow. The mango has a rich aromatic flavour and is delicious in which sweetness and acidity are delicately blended. It is an excellent source of Vitamin A and C.

General Description

India grows the finest mangoes in the world. Although more than a thousand varieties exist, only around 20 varieties are grown on commercial scale out of which Totapuri is one of the outstanding specimen. Mangoes grow on spreading short-trunked trees that have thick dark green leaves. The fruits hang from the branches either singly or in bunch. The product mango pulp is obtained by the processing of sound, mature, ripened Totapuri mangoes possessing the characteristic flavour and colour of mangoes. The final pulp is obtained by passing through 0.7-mm sieve.


Essentially a prime table fruit, its pulp is perfectly suited for conversion to juices, nectars, drinks, jams, fruit cheese or to be had by itself or with cream as a superb dessert. It can also be used in Puddings, Bakery fillings, and Fruit meals for children, flavours for food industry and also to make the most delicious ice cream and yoghurt.

Specification of Totapuri Pulp
Physical, Chemical and Organoleptic Characteristics


T.S.S. ( Brix) Min 14
Acidity (% as C/A) Min 0.4
pH < 4.00
Brix Acid Ratio 35
Ascorbic Acid(ppm) Min 100
Additives Citric Acid
Pesticide residue Absent
Colour Bright yellow
Flavour Characteristic
Taste Characteristic

Microbial Characteristics

T.P.C. CFU/g < 50
Yeast CFU/g < 50
Mould CFU/g < 10

Average Composition of pulp (Per 100gm)

Edible Portion (%) 73.00
Moisture (gm) 83 .00
Protein (gm) 0.50
Fat (gm) 0.35
Minerals (gm) 0.30
Fibre (gm) 0.40
Carbohydrates (gm) 15.40
Energy (K.CaI) 67.00
Calcium (mg) 13.00
Phosphorus (mg) 14.00
Iron (mg) 1.20
Vitamin C (mg) 11.00
Vitamin B (mg) 0.72
Vitamin A (g) 2670.00
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