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                       Company Profile
Company Profile

   We are leading Fruits supplier to major Fruit processor and Fresh Fruit exporter in the Country under the banner Ghousia Fruit Company since five decades.

The start of the Fruits processing Factory
    With vast experience in the field of Fresh Fruits procuring and supplying we decided to start Aga Fruits (P) LTD to process Fruits and setup of Fruits Processing Plant in the heart of Mango growing belt, Krishnagri, Tamilnadu. The Factory is equipped with most modern indigenous Equipment as per the design of the Italian Fabricators.

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A Statement of policy:

     Quality is the key to customer satisfaction. No single element of our business is as important to our reputation and our prosperity. It must never be compramised. To be leader in an increasingly competitive market place, our Company must thrive on quality care to Customer quality workmanship and quality service. Each Employee must make a special effort to ensure that these high standards are reached and maintained.

Operating Philosophy :

     A commitment to excellence which ensures
(1) Total Customer satisfaction
(2) Highest quality
(3) Most complete product line
(4) Prompt on-time delivery
(5) Competitive pricing  

Product Range :

(1) Alphonso Mango Pulp
(2) Totapuri Mango Pulp
(3) Raspuri Mango Pulp
(4) Guava Pulp
(5) Papaya Pulp
(6) Pinapple Pulp
(7) Tomato Puree
(8) Banana Pulp

Our products are packed in 3.1 kg Cans, 850 gms and 5.25 kg Cans.